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Company profile

The foundation of our company is based on a great passion for Old- & Youngtimer. Functionality, Individuality and Beauty of every single car are of major importance for us.


Our network is brought and goes far beyond the borders of Europe. Such a network is essential in order to find the “Dreamcar” you desire.  
The purchase of an Oldtimer is a factual as well as an emotional matter.

We will gladly help you with your intention of finding your “Dreamcar”. Even if we might not have it in our stock at the moment, our network enables us to quickly get ahold of your “Dreamcar” as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, the market for classic cars is huge and is steadily growing. We are willing to consequently concentrate on the prime quality of every single vehicle without losing the individuality of each Old- & Youngtimer.


Our portfolio incorporates both, excellent restored vehicles as well as preserved originals.


“We stand for what we offer. Therefore, we decided to make our prices transparent. With us, as you can see, the ratio of price and performance corresponds.”

The AMM Motor Classic GmbH is selling the vehicles exclusively for one’s own account, which means that we align ourselves with the implied warranty for our Old- & Youngtimers. This is possible through the already mentioned transparency, the experience in the automotive industry and the supervision of expert opinion for each vehicle in our inventory.
As a matter of course, we cooperate with the most renowned organizations.

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