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Mercedes 280 SE Coupé (1969)

The production period of the W 111 Coupé was from 11/1967 to 05/1971. A total of 3797 vehicles were built.

At the time four times as many parts were handmade for coupés und convertibles as for the limousine. They were the last models that were largely made by hand, which is why the price of a coupé is almost twice as high than of a limousine. In 1967, Mercedes Benz market a new 2.8 L engine M 130 with 160 hp. Therefore, the new W 111 / C was now 280 SE Coupé.

The offered vehicle has a very good basis for restoration. The engine number is matching number. The mileage is read aloud speedometer in miles. The vehicle is not roadworthy.

"error and prior sale is subject to change. The vehicle description is the general identification of the vehicle and is not liable in a legal case of the purchase."

Please refer to agreements in the order confirmation.

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23.500 EUR
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