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Mercedes 190 SL (1956)

- Sold -

The classic among the Roadsters is the 190 SL. The 190 SL got into series production in May 1955 and was constructed 25.881 times. The last exemplar was delivered on the 8th of February 1963.


A certification by the German TÜV from 2015 rated our classic with the final grade 1-.


Considering that, our offered price is more than attractive. During the restauration of this vehicle there was a huge emphasis on the originality. Hence, all operations have been performed under the highest standards. Especially all components, the body, the interior trim and all chrome parts have been revised meticulously and brought to perfection. The Frame-Off restauration has been extensively documented by means of pictures.


Moreover, the vehicle comes with matching numbers.


We also offer to position the vehicle on a lifting platform so no questions will be left open. A following test drive will reassure the optical overall impression of the classic which was constructed in 1956 and thus is now celebrating its’ 60th birthday.

Technical data

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